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CHOCOLATE with macadamia and roasted coconut

orange cookie

peanut butter and jelly cookie

banana walnut with chocolate chip cookie

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Home made( in home kitchen baked ) cookies with a unique and delectable mixture of flavors. These cookies are not your everyday run of the mill cookie, if ya want that, this isn't the place for you! However if you are looking for a cookie that will kick you in your taste buds then this is the place. Try our Strawberry Mango or how about our favorite's Peanut Butter and Jelly, Carrot Cake or the Roasted Coconut Blueberry Macaroon! Here you will find a list of  available cookies and as well as a pricing list. Depending on the kind and the size of the order, orders can be filled within 24 to 48 hrs. To find out which cookie will be The Cookie 'O The Day check out our Facebook Page, Twitter or by checking back here on a daily bases. So peruse our site, wipe the drool from your lips and GET EM!

Grade "A" drool inducing


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